The health and safety of our residents and our team members is our first priority. We’re taking every precaution and working with residents during these tough times.
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News - Update on July Rent, COVID-19 & Expired Moratoriums

Update on July Rent, COVID-19 & Expired Moratoriums

Posted on 1st Jul 2020

We have all seen the news about COVID-19 new cases increasing across the country and even in our markets. Although some positive trends remain, we remind and urge our residents to continue to adhere to best practices on hygiene, hand washing and social distancing. We must work together to remain vigilant to continue to protect one another. VineBrook Homes is committed to a continuation of its COVID-19 Preparedness Response actions including limited office openings, PPE usage, hygiene best practices and social distancing, as we know our residents are too.

We remain grateful that our residents consistently help protect themselves, our team members and their homes - using best discretion in calling in routine work orders, distancing in a separate part of the home when our technicians are present, and overwhelmingly meeting their lease obligations by paying their rent. With nearly 100% of residents paying rent or securing Hardships, VineBrook is able to ensure our team of 200+ property management professionals are able to keep servicing our homes, paying real estate taxes to to support municipalities and schools, and ensure no disruption occurs to your housing security.

To continue to show our appreciation to our residents we offered a promotional drawing in June for one current resident in good standing to receive 3 months of free rent. We are pleased to announce that the winner of our drawing for free rent in July, August and September is Michaeline W. in our Dayton Market. Furthermore, we plan to run a third and final promotion in July, where all residents that are current or on a hardship plan prior to late fees being billed in July will be automatically entered into a promotional drawing for free rent in August, September and October! For those residents that face challenges with rent, we are happy to work together to navigate their application and participation in our COVID-19 Hardship Program.

As we look ahead toward July, we wanted to send a few reminders to continue to support our residents with facts and assistance where needed:

  • We will continue to remain fully compliant with any and all rules enacted regarding tenant protections or eviction moratoriums where they exist. It is important to note that neither the moratoriums nor any other legislation is in place to relieve rent obligations, and most moratoriums are now set to end in the coming days and weeks. July rent is still due on July 1st in accordance with your lease agreement.
  • VineBrook Homes will cover the costs of credit card transaction fees for those wishing to pay their rent with a credit card up until rent is considered late or late fees are billed
  • If you are a resident who is experiencing financial hardships and believe you may be unable to pay your balance in full as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, please let us know. We will work together to assist you where possible.  Request Assistance Here: http://requestedaid.vinebrookhomes.com.  We also engourge you to visit our Hardship Resources Page: http://vinebrookhomes.com/covid19res.php for a list of community resources available to those in need.

We want to thank you for doing your part to stay well, stay safe, and to keep your communities healthy. Please join us in wishing everyone health and hope while we navigate these difficult times together.