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Welcome Vendors!

Thank you for visiting VineBrook Homes vendor relations page. We are excited to have you here. In this fast-paced world of information overload, we understand how difficult it can be to gather the right information and ask the right questions about potential opportunities. Below are some helpful details about partnering with VineBrook Homes.


How Do I Get Started?

We are excited that you have chosen to partner with VineBrook Homes! To help us get to know you better, please take 5 minutes to complete our short questionnaire.

Why Vinebrook?

We know that you could collaborate with anyone. Here is what VineBrook Homes can do for you:

  • As  the old adage goes, "time is money," and we pay you fast.
  • With  over 14,000 homes in 19 markets across the Midwestern and Southeastern United States, Vinebrook Homes offers a virtually unlimited number of jobs.
  • Rapid growth promotes a sustainable vendor relationship in new markets.
  • Vinebrook Home's knowledgeable Project Managers are hands-on, friendly, and available, making sure you get what you need to do the job well.
  • Our vendor referral program will make your peers envious.

Benefits of Being a Vendor?

Vendors are:

  • Provided detailed scope of work
  • Provided Materials
  • Performing work on vacant properties
  • Signing a new Master Service Agreement (MSA) which will eliminate redundant paperwork
  • Tracking invoices through our payment process
  • Receiving payments quickly
  • Able to sign up with our easy and quick process
  • Provided constant available work
  • Using a new easier invoicing process

Why VendorCafe?

There is nothing worse than having to shuffle through mounds of paperwork or click through multiple cumbersome, inaccessible computer systems. Vendor Café literally puts your vendor relationship management in the palm of your own hands. Using your personal computer or mobile device, you can:

  • Create and submit invoices quickly and easily.
  • Upload insurance documentation in a few simple steps.
  • Track your invoice and receive real-time notification of your payments progress or upcoming insurance expiration.
  • Receive check numbers or electronic routing numbers instantly upon payment.
  • Access anytime, anywhere. And best of all, it is entirely FREE!
  • Master Service Agreement (system generated to be signed electronically)
  • W9 (system generated based off registration information)
  • A current Certificate of Insurance (ACORD statement) with VineBrook listed as the certificate holder (lower left corner). This is manually uploaded and verified by VineBrook against the information provided in the Insurance tab.
  • Required fields will be filled purple. Specific fields vary based on whether you are direct keying your invoice into Vendor Café or uploading an invoice image. Documentation on invoice walk throughs can be requested from VineBrook.
  • Certain phone security apps will not allow the document to be opened or signed. Please check your settings or attempt to sign from a computer. Also make sure that your pop-up blockers are disabled or set to allow.

**Required documentation has not changed with the implementation of Vendor Café. All necessary documentation must be included, or your invoice will be rejected **

  • Copy of invoice (if not using the direct create option in Vendor Café). Invoices must include an invoice number, date, amount, and the service address. This information should match any supporting documentation provided.
  • Signed Certificate of Completion (CoC) for jobs over $400
  • Change Orders (if job is outside of the original project scope)
  • Day Contract (if hired on a day contract)
  • For uploaded documents, add additional documents through the Pending list, paperclip icon. Or simply include all necessary documents in the same PDF upon initial submission. For direct key invoices, an “Add Additional Documents” icon will appear after saving your data before submission.
  • Begin typing the address in the property name field and the property should appear. Please do not use a property number beginning with a “9” unless you have done work servicing one of our office locations. If the same address shows two property numbers, please use the one beginning with a “7.”
  • VineBrook Homes will reject your invoice through Vendor Café. You will not get an email notification of this rejection, but the invoice will appear in your Rejected invoices queue. Please make the required adjustments and resubmit your invoice. You cannot resubmit an invoice on the rejected workflow and MUST create a new submission using the same invoice number as the original submission.
  • Please do not change the invoice number to force it through. Contact VineBrook Homes through the Q&A function for them to research why the duplication is occurring. Unless you are resubmitting a rejected invoice, each invoice number should be unique and should match what is printed on your uploaded invoice and backup documentation. Do not use previous invoice numbers or your invoice may be rejected.
  • You cannot change EFT information once approved by VineBrook Homes. You will need to select “Add EFT.” Any existing EFT information will be deactivated after the new information is approved.
  • The Vendor Café app is for registration, informational, and status update purposes only. You can still upload an invoice from your phone or tablet by navigating to through the standard web browser.
  • Yes. Your Vendor Café profile will display a red exclamation notification on your dashboard. These notifications will not be cleared until your insurance is updated. The notifications do not appear on the Vendor Café app.
  • Vendor Café comes with standard operational FAQs and Video Tutorials, available under your vendor’s name drop-drop menu on both the app and the browser. You can also register for a Vendor Café webinar through the Support menu.
  • Tax and shipping are not currently interfacing correctly to VineBrook’s payment system. Please populate the entire invoice total in the subtotal line and Accounts Payable will correct the invoice on VineBrook’s side.
  • Payment terms are 14 days from submission date. While your invoice may be processed sooner than this, VineBrook does not guarantee payment before this date.
  • Pending – The invoice has been submitted. Documents can still be added to invoices by the submitter during this stage and they should appear in this status within 20 minutes of upload. VineBrook will not reject a Pending invoice until 24 business hours have passed.
    • Pending Approval – the invoice has been keyed by AP and is somewhere in the approval workflow. The vendor does not have visibility into which stage of approval the invoice is in.
    • Pending Payment – The invoice has been approved and should move to Payment Register with a confirmation number in the next payment release.
  • Rejected – The invoice has been rejected and will need to be resubmitted through Vendor Café.
  • Not submitted – These are invoices that have not been fully sent to VineBrook. They will show on the “Not submitted” tab in the vendor dashboard.
  • Once registered in Vendor Café, all communications should be sent through the Q&A function within Vendor Café. If you have any questions not covered above, or need additional clarification, please use this function.
  • Please contact your area Construction or Property Manager. Accounts Payable does not have the ability to assign jobs.

Still have questions? Email us at